One of the most difficult decisions you will make is deciding whether or not to put your teen daughter on birth control. There is a good chance that she will approach you, but if she does not, there are good reasons that you should approach her about it. If you have a teen daughter, here is what you need to know about birth control.  

Why Should Your Daughter Use Birth Control? 

The most obvious reason for putting your daughter on birth control is to prevent pregnancy. Even if your daughter is not sexually active now, it is sometimes better to be safe than sorry. By discussing her birth control options with her now and taking action, you could ensure your daughter is prepared if she does have sex.  

Birth control is about more than just preventing pregnancy though. Some forms of birth control can help with controlling health problems. For instance, if your daughter is experiencing painful periods that are lasting beyond the normal time, birth control pills can help to regulate her cycle. Some pills can even help to prevent the development of ovarian cysts.  

If your daughter has asked for birth control, this is probably the best reason to put her on it. It is important to remember that your daughter's request does not automatically mean that she is having sex. It does mean that she has carefully thought about her options and has made a decision to be safe when she does have an intimate relationship with someone.  

What Type of Birth Control Should She Use? 

There are several forms of birth control available, but some are better than others for teenagers. For instance, the birth control injection is ideal because it does not require your daughter to think about her birth control on a daily basis. The injection has to be taken again every three months and both of you can set reminders on your cell phones to remember.  

The vaginal ring is another option that works best for teenagers. The ring is inserted into the vagina for three weeks of the month before being removed in the last week. As with the injection, your daughter can set a reminder to keep up with when she should insert and remove the ring.  

You and your daughter can discuss her birth control options with an OB/GYN. The doctor can also address any concerns you have about your daughter using birth control