Many women make the mistake of going through a hysterectomy surgery not knowing exactly what to expect after the surgery is complete. If you're planning to undergo this surgery, or have recently done so, there's a lot of things that will happen that you might not be completely prepared for. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get through this huge change in your life.

Physical Discomforts

Honestly, the physical discomforts for many people are minimal. Sometimes, the surgery was performed to provide relief from painful periods or other reproductive system issues, so that could play a role in how much better you feel physically after the surgery.

Night Sweats and Cold Sweats

The first couple of weeks after the surgery are going to be a little tough. You'll have unexpected bouts of severe sweating, both at night and out of the blue. Really, there's nothing you can do to stop it, but you can upgrade the antiperspirant that you're using to help battle some of the pit stains.

Take the Hormones

Your OBGYN will likely prescribe hormone replacement pills for you to take for the first several months or a year after surgery. Take the pills! Many women mistakenly do not take the hormones thinking that they'll be fine without them, but that is wrong. Think about it this way: if you've been drinking coffee every single hour of every single day and then the coffee was gone, your body would go through caffeine withdrawal and you'd feel it physically and emotionally.

The hormone replacement pills will help save your sanity. Without them, your body will go into a type of hormonal shock and you will feel the emotional and physical pains very soon — and they will worsen before they get better.

Talk With a Therapist

Even with the hormone replacement pills, your emotions aren't going to be well-balanced for quite some time. Instead of bottling up everything that you're feeling, go to a therapist and talk it out. Bottling it all up will result in extreme anxiety and depression — both of which can have devastating impacts on your life. Talking about what you're feeling with someone who won't judge you for what you're feeling will give you the outlet you need to thrive right now.

This will be a huge change, but it's one that you can survive. Hopefully, the information above will help to prepare you for what your body and mind are about to go through.